About Perfect Spiral

Perfect Spiral Inc. was founded by Dr. Ken Begnoche. After helping his son Bradley become a very successful youth football quarterback, with multiple championships to his credit, Dr. Begnoche decided to share his philosophy with other parents who desire to help their aspiring youth quarterbacks learn the proper fundamentals of throwing a perfect spiral.

After purchasing and watching several quarterback coaching videos, attending numerous quarterback camps and observing private coaching sessions with his son over the years, Dr. Begnoche developed his PERFECT SPIRAL™ QB trainer and a simple philosophy of how to throw a football. This revolutionary QB training device and video will shorten the learning curve, eliminate bad habits and help the user develop perfect football throwing mechanics.

There are many aspects to throwing a tight spiral. However, Dr. Begnoche has determined that the most important aspects are 1) proper grip and 2) proper wrist position throughout the throwing motion. The PERFECT SPIRAL™ QB trainer helps develop and train both of these elements while immediately improving the users’ consistency and accuracy. If you desire to learn how to throw a football with accuracy and a perfect spiral, watch our video and order your PERFECT SPIRAL™ QB trainer today!